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Trip Leader.

With more than 14 years of photography experience, Erica Robinson is a photographer, educator, and National Technical Representative with Tamron Americas. After completing her bachelor’s degree in the arts, Erica spent time working as a photographer on ships, studying under an internationally awarded wedding photographer, and broadening her equipment knowledge base at a top photo and video retailer. Erica’s work focuses on travel photography and storytelling while providing education through myriad domestic and international workshops.

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Behind the camera.

At 15 years old, Erica was gifted her first Minolta 35mm film camera. Once the trials and tribulations of ruining numerous rolls of film (as a result of not knowing to press the clutch that releases the film from the sprockets) were over, she was ready to start creating. And she never looked back. Today, Erica teaches with this in mind: that photography exists somewhere between art and science, and experimenting is how we grow.


Having traveled to every US state and 16 countries, Erica has led workshops in 8 US national parks, Cuba, and Iceland. These travels have helped foster her passions to create authentic human connection and share diverse stories. Erica is currently working on her personal project titled, Under the Pencil, focusing on the stories of AYA women diagnosed with breast cancer after her own diagnosis in 2021. As a Bostonian turned Californian, she spends most of her time in the forests, in the desert, by the ocean, or under the stars.

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