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4/4/24 - 4/12/24


(We're on their turf now. Respect.)

Photography Workshop in

Birds of the Cloud Forest. An overload of personality.

Jen Waicukauski of Looking Glass and Nikon Ambassador Kristi Odom lead this on-location photography experience in the Cloud Forest, Ecuador. The primary subject of this workshop is an incredibly diverse bird population, with over 1600 confirmed species. From the Sword-Billed hummingbird (the only bird to have a beak that is longer than its body length) to the Torrent Ducks (white water rafting ducks), it has species beyond imagination. This incredible biodiversity makes the Ecuadorian cloud forest the perfect spot to explore while creating visual works of art.

The Experience

The moment you spot a hummingbird in Ecuador's Cloud Forest, time seems to stand still. These feathered jewels, with their iridescent plumage and lightning-fast wings, are a breathtaking sight to behold. As they flit and hover in the air, their tiny bodies buzzing like miniature helicopters, it's easy to get lost in the magic of the moment. The forest itself seems to come alive with the hum of their wings and the vibrant colors of their surroundings. Watching these tiny birds dance around you is like witnessing a secret world come to life before your very eyes, a world where the impossible seems possible and the extraordinary is commonplace.

With Kristi and Jen by your side throughout your time in Ecuador, you will receive hands-on guided instruction, useful insights and answers to your questions as they come up. You will learn about camera settings, receive help with your photography gear and receive ideas for tapping into your personal creative voice. Not only will you get to explore somewhere new that truly feels like you've stepped into a different world, you’ll also become a more confident photographer! In the end, you'll leave with knowledge of the local wildlife, a better understanding of the local culture, and stories and images you will be be proud to share with the world.

We know that everyone is unique, with their own style. This adventure has been crafted to help all guests photograph birds by embracing and nurturing their unique ways of seeing the world. That said, on this adventure you decide what you want to focus on. 

Prior to traveling to Ecuador, Jen will lead an instructional Zoom session regarding how to outfit yourself and gear up for this once in a lifetime adventure, ensuring that you have everything you need before we start our journey.  

During the nine day escape, while at our cozy lodges, Kristi will offer skills classes that teach the following: 

  • Autofocus settings for birds in flight

  • Using off camera lighting

  • Macro photography (for use on the unique orchid species)

  • Slow motion video

These classes are optional, so no pressure. Like we mentioned, you decide how you approach this experience. We are your coaches that will guide and teach you along the way.

What You'll See
(images by Jen Waicukauski)